Switch Off Fortnight

From 21st November, we will be starting the Eco School’s Switch Off Fortnight.

The Eco team will be coming around school to check which classes are Eco Warriors and which are Energy Monsters. Help your teacher remember to switch off smart boards, computers, iPads, lights and other electrical devices. Nobody wants to find a black footprint from Carbon the Dog do they?

Let’s see which class gets Carbon’s certificate.

Post a comment here to tell everyone what you are doing at school and home to save energy…..remember it’s not just electricity you save, it’s money too!!!


  1. Ameera Parawala Said,

    November 23, 2016@ 8:05 pm      Reply

    Today Carbon and I turned lots of things off to save energy. Example heater, light, dehumidifier and TV because we wanted to save energy. Carbon and I started to tell my mum off because she left the heater and phone charger on.

  2. Nabil and Sarfaraz Said,

    December 14, 2016@ 12:48 pm      Reply

    Yes, only 5E and 4B achieved a certificate by consistently being Eco-friendly (HURRAH)!! Do you think your class did good?

  3. Ayesha Dema Said,

    December 14, 2016@ 12:50 pm      Reply

    We have finished going around looking at all the classes everyone did there best but only4B and 5E Well done to both classes.

  4. KhadijahPatel Said,

    December 14, 2016@ 12:51 pm      Reply

    Some teachers found eco fortnight very difficult; others not so much. Everyone did very well but unfortunately some classes got let down just by one paw print. The two classes that didn’t get any paw prints were 5E and 4B. They won a certificate. Many of the classes just made silly mistakes like leaving the light on. Maybe next time more classes can get 0 paw prints.

  5. Saffiyah Hariff Said,

    December 14, 2016@ 12:53 pm      Reply

    Every single day of switch off fortnight , 4B and 5E never even got one pawprint , and luckily managed to achieve their very own certificate ( HURRAY )!!! . Mrs Adam wanted a box of chocolates because she was saving electricity so well . Pease still save electricity even though it is not switch off fortnight .TTFN !

  6. Zakiyyah Said,

    December 14, 2016@ 12:59 pm      Reply

    Today lots of people have probably saved electricity or not saved electricity. Who knows? You should save electricity ,because you might even have a Power Cut. If there was nothing such as saving Electricity then you can do what ever you want such as: Leaving the light on, leaving your charger on . But you can’t.

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